Here are some extensions that might be useful to you:


Status: experimental
Description: Document indexing for TinyDB. Basically ensures deterministic (as long as there aren’t any changes to the table) yielding of documents.


Status: experimental
Description: A simple wrapper that allows to use TinyDB as a flat file drop-in replacement for MongoDB.


Status: stable
Description: A MessagePack-based storage extension to tinydb using http://msgpack.org


Status: stable
Description: Tinyrecord is a library which implements experimental atomic transaction support for the TinyDB NoSQL database. It uses a record-first then execute architecture which allows us to minimize the time that we are within a thread lock.


Status: stable
Description: tinydb-serialization provides serialization for objects that TinyDB otherwise couldn’t handle.


Status: stable
Description: tinydb-smartcache provides a smart query cache for TinyDB. It updates the query cache when inserting/removing/updating documents so the cache doesn’t get invalidated. It’s useful if you perform lots of queries while the data changes only little.

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